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Well, HELLO October!!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The months of August – October are my favorite.  They always serve for me a fresh perspective.  As we get settled into fall this month and we look forward to all the things this harvest season has to offer, I am continuously building and looking for dope ways to bring you all relatable content.

This month has a ton of celebrations, including but not limited to Halloween (if that is your thing) and Columbus Day (again, if that is your thing).

I have compiled a list of the observances that we will be observing this month here at She Lifts.  I see these as opportunities to educate not only myself, but you guys as well, hang a little tighter with family and friends and have some fun!

  1. Antidepressant Death Awareness Month

  2. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  3. Eat Better, Eat Together Month

  4. Emotional Wellness Month

  5. Health Literacy Month

  6. National Book Month

  7. National Depression Education and Awareness Month

  8. National Domestic Violence Month

  9. Photographer Appreciation Month

  10. Self-Promotion Month

  11. Tackling Hunger Month

Honestly, prior to looking for this information, I had no idea that all of this stuff was going on in the mighty month of October.  For a full list of all that October has to offer (and every other month, too!), click here.

Stay tuned for all of the fun and festivities this month and as always, thanks for putting your ears on it!!

Love & Light, Fam!!

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