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I Don’t Like Your Friends | TEDxHiltonHeadWomen

On December 1, 2018, I had the honor and the privilege of speaking to a crowded room full of amazing people from the Low Country. Hilton Head Island, SC owes me nothing! I truly learned the definition of southern hospitality.

Unfortunately, I had to hurt some feelings in the building. I delivered a powerful talk about why I simply don’t like your friends. I know I sound like someone’s mother, but maybe we should have listened to our mothers when they told us to be weary of our friends.

Of course, your knee jerk reaction is to say ”This girl doesn’t know me OR my friends so who is SHE to tell me she doesn’t like MY friends?” I got it and I can walk you through this.

My talk didnt cover or refer to actual people, physical people. It was geared toward the places where we dwell mentally; the thoughts that we share within our internal conversations with ourselves. Interestingly enough, we aren’t always the kindest or gentlest towards ourselves and we develop these “friendships” with these not so good thoughts and actions.

To find out which friends of yours I don’t like, check out the video of my talk from TEDxHiltonHeadWomen.

Thank you ALL for your support, especially those who constantly asked when the video would be published. The wait is OVER!!!

Love and Light, Fam!

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