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...Because Breastfeeding...

I’ve read several articles regarding this photo, but I like this one the best! (shoutout to whowhatwear mag!!)

It really captures the essence of this photo and the "why" behind it as well. Rachel McAdams is my hero for this. I mean, before this photo, I sincerely thought she was an exceptional actress. She has an incredible range. Just look at her performance in "The Notebook", "Wedding Crashers" and "Mean Girls" to name a few (which also happen to be a few of my all time favorite movies). She is freaking phenomenal.

Now, about the photo.

Breastfeeding is completely natural. Anyone who tells your otherwise is a man. Sorry, not sorry. I literally felt like a cow machine (or machine cow - however you want to spin it) while I was breastfeeding. It was insane. And OH BOY was I hungry ALL THE TIME!!!

Working moms are the worst. They put their itty bitty babies in day care, for someone else to watch. And God forbid they get tired and forget to do something for the baby! The nerve of her! Doesn't she know she is a mother now?? She must be perfect AT ALL TIMES! Oh, you have the AUDACITY to breast feed in public? Oh no! Put your breast away! Cover it up! No one wants to see that!


It is an unrealistic expectation. Sure Rachel McAdams is in Versace - it's what she wore to work. Newsflash - SHE WAS AT WORK. Her job, just so happens to be EFFING fabulous! If I had a photo of me breastfeeding in my uniform (which I have done because I'm a mom), would it be any better? Because that is definitely what I wear to work... (cue the crickets) Why are people so critical of women who choose to do the absolute most natural thing for their babies which is provide them with the milk that is LEGIT genetically made for their survival and nutrition. Like your body makes this stuff JUST for the baby to nourish - at the very moment that the baby needs to be nourished.

Again, I say, breastfeeding is natural.

Shoutout to all the intelligent folks who think that this picture is sexualizing or even normalizing breastfeeding. GO. AWAY. FROM. ME. WITH. THAT. First of all (and you know nothing good comes after a Black woman's "first of all") there is NOTHING sexy about this picture. This picture shows strength. This picture shows womanhood. This picture shows working mom in Hollywood. This picture is multitasking. This picture is an ad for THIS BRA RIGHT HERE (you're welcome). In other news, her snap back is bananas, but that is a topic for another day. This picture is anything but sexualizing breastfeeding - numbskulls. This is a photo of a woman at work who has engorged breasts and needed to express (confirmed by Claire Rothstein in her inital IG post debuting this breastfeeding beauty) OAN: Please browse Claire Rothsteins IG because she is a PHENOMENAL artist!!!

I won't say it is normalizing breastfeeding, only because I can understand that the average woman doesn't look quite like this while breastfeeding in the janitor's closet at their job. However, I am 50/50 (honestly, now that I think about it) on the idea of normalization because maybe employers should realize how vital this is to the development of these little helpless creatures and that provisions MUST be made for this to happen in an environment where women feel comfortable and at ease.

So there, I changed my mind.

If you click the reference link above (I'll put it right here for you guys because, well, I am you) you can see a bunch of the responses in the comments section. I was TOTS here for the Mean Girls references. I was NOT here for any of the naysayers ESPECIALLY the women bashing breastfeeding. Take your tits someplace else [insert word for woman who hates on other women because of their ability to be women]. NO ONE CARES FOR YOUR TITS, SIS!

One last thing. Let's go back to "normal". Smooshing your breasts up in a push up bra to reveal in a low cut shirt is NOT NORMAL, nor is it fun! Contrary to popular misogynistic belief, breasts are not for enjoyment nor entertainment. Not built for speed nor comfort. Let's be honest, the best relief in the world is releasing your tits in the evening after a long day of parading your tits for the others to see (oh and taking off your wig, can't forget that one). I'm not a fan of it and I prefer to go bra-less for as long as possible as often as possible. Sorry, its natural.

So, to all of you who are OFFENDED by Rachel McAdams being a DAMN good mother because she cares enough about her newborn to pause and pump her puppies GOAWAYFROMMEISAID! And for the rest of you who are fans of Rachel McAdams and the statement that she is making, BRA-EFFING-VO!


I would be elated if this little post could reach her so please like and share and help me reach my little goal.

Thanks guys! (this was fun)

Love & Light, Fam!

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