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I have decided to document my journey through spirituality. I am going to go back through the last six months of my life and tell the stories that need to be told.

These stories are told with the sole purpose of exposing true spirituality for what it truly is. These stories are told in an effort to add to the foundation of the spiritual journey of others.

One of the most impactful things that I can and will ever say is that the journey belongs to you. No matter how you decide to travel, it is your journey. My stories belong to me. I have decided to write mine because I learned so much from watching others. I pay a lot of attention to people. I observe and record how they treat each other and the experiences that influence their actions. I learned a lot from the things that no one taught me, from the stories that have never been told.

It is easy to get stuck in a cycle or to be herded into labels, especially early on. There is so much information. You are literally watching your brain melt and reform again every day. This is soooooo much information.

As you begin to question everything, you start feeling like you're losing your mind. However, the moment when you lose it, like officially lose it is when you realize that you have travelled so far on this journey that you can't turn back. You've done so much unlearning and retraining that there is no way you can return.

Then you're lost. You're in that weird place where you are freaking out about freaking out.

And then you realize, I have all of the power in the world.

And you begin to exercise that power. You start growing. You realize the things you once thought you required or desired are no longer attractive to you. You start reorganizing your values.

You begin to love.

You begin to love yourself on such a deep level that no matter where you are or what you are doing, it is wrapped in love.

That is where I find myself these days. No idea what's next but I have no attachment to future events, so I am not even concerned. I am just thoroughly enjoying being fully present in every single moment.

I mean, isn't that what is really meant by awake or awareness?


Love & Light, Fam!


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