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Aja Moon has taken the ease of sharing her story and lessons throughout her journey and turned it into an art form. A remarkable motivational speaker and life coach, she is transforming the way we think about ourselves into power and love from within.


Through energizing storytelling in her upbeat and bubbly personality, her charismatic style captivates audience members the moment she takes the stage. Her presentations shoot from heart and are filled with compassion and fire – and they are changing lives.


Aja Moon is a 31 year old Washington, DC native.  Growing up and through diversity and adversity, she always wanted to help others.  At a very young age, she developed a love and respect for other cultures.  She also developed a love for helping people and assisting them in reaching their potential.

Aja launched She Lifts Podcast in late May 2018 to share parts of her personal journey into self-love.  She Lifts Podcast releases a new episode every #MotivationMonday on both SoundCloud and iTunes.


Through the She Lifts Podcast, Aja boasts that she is "just a free spirit living life and sharing her personal tool box with you, one episode at a time" which is pretty straightforward and accurate.  It is a motivational and inspirational platform that seeks to bring relatable content to your ears as well as provide a resource for everyday struggles.


Aja is in no way a medical professional, clinical specialist or any kind of therapist.  She prides herself on being down to earth and real; raw.  She believes that sometimes the best reference is someone who has been to and gone through what you may be experiencing.

However, She Lifts Podcast does not exist to stand in the gap. 


If you, or someone you know are experiencing difficulty, or an emergency, please seek help.

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