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Tinder Tuesday

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Ok, look, its not what y’all think, so take it easy.

I am HUGE on Japanese culture!! I love it and I am thoroughly intrigued by it.  I love reading about it and learning about it and I cannot wait for the day that I actually get to visit Japan!  I may not ever return.

However, less about me and more about Tuesday.  In Japanese (and Korean) Tuesday means “Fire Day”.  I felt the term “Tinder” was fitting because it’s wood for fire.  NOT the dating, swipe-right, site.

Considering this idea, on the day named for fire, why not use Tuesday as the tinder to set those intentions on FIRE and really bring them to life.  As you spent yesterday, Monday, being pumped about your intentions and doing the groundwork for a stable foundation to your week, let today be the day that you actually put action to those intentions.

Tuesday is a GREAT day to get the ball rolling on your projects or even pick up where you left off, but with a different kind of scintillating flame.  Let that fire become you and use it to manifest your goals and aspirations.

Tuesday exists for the fire in us!

Love & Light, Fam!

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