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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

This morning, as every morning, I head in to 7-11 to grab my $.53 coffee.  I am always in uniform and I am literally known as the Army girl.  It’s kind of cute.  People always speak to me; they are always so kind to me in my community.  There is a cashier in the 7-11 who is best friends with my son and another cashier who tells me the story about his brother who served in the Navy.

There is one patron in particular who greets me just about everyday.  I don’t know his name, I have never asked.  Each time we meet, he always thanks me for my service.  I always return the gratitude – as opposed to other times when I thank people for their patriotism.  Little known fact – most of us servicemembers are embarrassed about being thanked for our service in public; it’s actually kind of weird.

I know this man – I want to call him Frank – served in the Navy because we have discussed it previously.  Our morning conversations are always the same.  He thanks me for my service and he tells me that no one thanked him when he came home.

This morning, we were getting our coffee together and he says: “Thank you for your service. I know I say it every time I see you, but I mean it, sincerely. I served in the Navy for four years as a cook. I never starved, I’ll tell you that. But when I came home, no one said thank you to me.”

I return my gratitude for his service and shared a bit about my grandfather who also served in the Navy for four years as a cook. I feel his pain. He gave his service to an unforgiving country. It breaks my heart.I can’t imagine how that feels.  I have been supported thoroughly through my journey of serving my country.  I have now come to learn that it is a privilege to be thanked for your service and for your service to this country to be recognized and celebrated.  I thought for some time that maybe it was a race thing, but I have also come to learn that it is more of a patriotism thing.  Civilians sincerely do not understand the level of sacrifice that we endure to serve this nation – under any and all circumstances.  Each servicemember has their own reason for their service but each servicemember SERVES.

As baffled as I am about patriotism, I am humbled by this mans display of gratitude.  In all that he has experienced, all of his pain and confusion, he still has a mind to thank me for what I do.


In an effort to hunt the good news story in every day during this #100daysofhappy, this is my good news story.  Frank is my hero today.  Frank is sincere and kind and he has become a part of my family.  I regard him with the same respect and honor that I have for my grandfather.  My heart goes out to him for his service to his country, no mater how unforgiving they were towards him.

Frank, thank you for your service.

Love & Light, Fam!

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  • Writer's pictureAja Moon

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

I love these little challenges and I am so excited to bring one to you guys!!

A few years ago, I did a very similar challenge for myself, by myself.  During my #100daysofhappy, I made sure to focus on the things that were good – hunting the good news story.  Everyday, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of the day, I would celebrate the good things that were happening.

For example – instead of focusing on the traffic that I am stuck in, I revel in gratitude for having reliable transportation. Instead of being disgruntled about the rain, I focus on the growth that will follow once the rain ceases.  Instead of focusing on the crisis at hand, I dwell in contentment with my ability to be resourceful.

This was so helpful for my personal growth and development.  I wanted to change my mindset and I wanted to develop a better level of thinking for resourcefulness and success. 

The success mindset – I discuss this with my clients quite often.

As I am in the beginning of a transition in my life, I am looking forward to hunting the good news story. I have now shared this experience with you guys – my Fam!!!

This 100 days will span over the holiday season and into the New Year.  We always look to the New Year to start something new, but I felt this was a different approach to take something good into the New Year.  This is especially important for me because I always tend to have a hard time struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts around the holiday season.  I am hoping that you will join me through the next 100 Days to hunt the good news story.

Make sure you are following She Lifts on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with each new day during this period.  There will be some exclusive content coming your way, so be sure to get locked in!!!

Thank you so much for going on this journey with me! I hope that it proves to be as impactful for you as it will be for me!

Love & Light Fam!!


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