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Original Motivation by Gina Gonnella


She Lifts Podcast had the honor of opportunity to interview Gina Gonella, CEO and Founder of Original Motivation, LLC.  Her energy was through the roof!!  I literally asked 5 questions and she just flowed through the information!  It was such a thrilling and amazing interview!!!

Original Motivation was founded out of sheer necessity for Gina.  Struggling through self esteem issues following a devastating injury left Gina feeling lost.  Her identity completely gone.  Gina found herself in a whirlwind and thus Original Motivation was born.

Original Motivation is exactly what it says, as her name is actually in the title – the motivation from within.  It is all about digging deep within yourself and finding what motivates you and developing a plan that works for you.

“I was just not okay.” ~Gina Gonnella

Gina, like many of us, struggled through self image issues.  Feelings of fed up, wanting to make herself better and feeling like “less” eventually grew into “I was just not okay”, in her own words. Again, like many of us we find ourselves on this path to health and wellness.  We get a gym membership and we find ourselves excelling in the gym but really don’t know what to do afterwards.  Gina found herself over exercising and under-eating.

Gina found herself subscribing to the societal norm of what “fitness” should be and what “skinny” should be.  She was even hospitalized.  Through all of this she found a way to push through and find the motivation within.


Catch the audio of our interview on She Lifts Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud!!!  Make sure you’re following Original Motivation on Facebook and check out her website as well for tons of awesome content!!

Thanks for putting your ears on it!!

Love & Light, Fam!

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