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Home: Create the space you desire

Your home/living space is a key element to your spirituality. This is the space where we spend the most time. This space should promote an gentle energy flow that relaxes and soothes. It should feel like home to you.

Typically, when we think of our homes, we think of all of the physical items in our home but, we rarely consider the energy flow. The truth is, if you are never satisfied in the moment, the moment will never come when you are satisfied. Looking for a new place, newer things will never make you happy, if you never learn to be happy without them.

The very first step to connecting with your space is in gratitude. Operating in genuine gratitude for everything within the limit of your vision and your consciousness.

*I'm not here to tell you what to do, I'm just here to help you think outside of your box.*

So lets think out loud together.

As it stands right now, most of us are working from home. Our homes are where we are spending most of our time. Think about your living space. How does it make you feel? What is the energy in your space?

You should feel connected to the natural flow in the space that you are in, no matter what that space looks like. Remember, we aren't looking to connect to things, but to create a space that flows freely that we may be in tune with that free flow of energy.

Here are three ways that you can update your space and be connected on a budget:

  1. DIY Decor: Adding a touch of personal flair to your home space is a great way to infuse love into your space. Love is what connects us all anyway!! Create art or something with your hands to add to your space. Even a throw blanket crocheted by you will do!

  2. Rearrange your furniture: This is one is actually free! Move things around to shake the energy in the room around. Keep moving things until the energy flows freely in your space. The journey of creating the energy flow promotes your connectedness.

  3. Remove old things: Yes! Clean it up! Clean out your fridge, your cabinets and everything. Get rid of old clothing (especially the ones that hold trauma) and old items or objects. If need be, replace some old things (lamps, lamp shades - small things) with newer items. Refresh it all. Implementing non-attachment during this activity helps to disconnect from physical items and be in the moving flow of the energy.

Maybe these are things you've already done or are already doing. Keep doing them, just do them with the intention that this will increase the flow of energy throughout my home. See if anything changes.

I am so looking forward to pictures of your DIY Decor projects!!!


Love and Light, Fam!


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