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Ep. 9 | Dancing in the Rain

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

I am a self-proclaimed rain lover. I look forward to rainy days the same way some of you look forward to pay day. Where is the lie?

I never see rainy days as times to complain ot find fault. I see the beauty in the rain and all that it emcopasses.

Without rain, there would be no growth. Plants require the rain for their life. They simply cannot survive without it. Rain is life giving and equally as important as the sun.

When a rainy day is soon to come, I get quite excited. I do not dread that day at all. I look forward to slowing down a bit, taking my time and looking inward to answers to many questions that may have been circling. It seems that the rain typically quiets everything in its path and makes its own music. I use this time for introspect, growth.

However, this time is not strictly introspective. As the rain makes its way down through the leaves of the trees and the onto thr ground below, it makes a beautiful song - a song that you can only hear if you are listening for it. A song that con only be heard from within. I find myself always dancining in the rain, in tune with the rhythm and delighted with every drop I feel falling fresh onto my skin.

This is my metaphor for life. There are plenty times in our lives that we are faced with rainy seasons where the rain seems that it will never cease. We find ourselves swaying back and forth in a fight. Oh, but only if we learned how to dance. If only we took each step carefully through the rain and embraced each and every little drop onto our skin, my my how things would change.

In a more literal sense, there are tons of people truly suffering through rainy seasons in their life. They have indescribable pain that no one can see. There is help out there for those people (or maybe even you) and you are definitely not alone. Check out the resources section for more information and links for assistance and care.

However, if your find yourself fighting with the rain and the will to push through, put on your dancing shoes and pop lock and drop it in the rain!

Love & Light, Fam!!

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