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Ep. 5 - Paralyzed by Fear

Updated: Jun 19, 2019


It's another MOTIVATION MONDAY which's means it's time for a WHOLE new episode of the SHE LIFTS PODCAST!!

This week's episode is one of my favorites. I think I actually say that every week, but I mean it this time!

We are talking about fear this week.  Discussing how it feels to be paralyzed by fear.  I shared a pretty personal story about one of my fears and a time when I was so overcome by that fear that I literally couldn't move.

I drew the inspiration for this episode not only from that experience, but also from Will Smith.  He had an interview during which he discussed the experience he shared with his sons; skydiving.  He discussed how terrifying it was and how he experienced pure bliss, once he pushed past his fear.

We are all afraid of something whether its something physical, social, emotional or psychosomatic, you're afraid of it.  What you fail to realize though, is that God puts the best things in life on the other side of fear and your ability to push past that fear will also reward you with some of the best experiences in life.

Do no be afraid to be unafraid!

Head over to SoundCloud or iTunes to check out this week's episode to find out what I am afraid of!!!

Thanks for putting your ears on it!!!

Love & Light, Fam!!

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