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She Lifts Podcast PROUDLY Presents:

Pillow Talk Thursday!!

I sat with one of my very good friends and favorite people to debate life stuff with one afternoon and he asked me how things were going.  We were catching up, as old friends do.

I enthusiastically told him all about the great and wonderful things I was doing with She Lifts Podcast and he stopped me in the middle of my sentence.  He says, “Before you go any further, I want you to know that I want to be on your podcast!”

I couldn’t have been more excited and we began planning right away.  After a few weeks of planning and preparation, research and debate, we are finally in the execution phase.

She Lifts Podcast proudly presents: Pillow Talk Thursday w/ Will Stewart.

We have ventured through murky waters of relationships and marriage and sex and all that lies beneath and we are looking forward to sharing our views with you!  However, it won’t be any fun without you guys there!!

Thursdays at 8pm we will be going LIVE bringing you an amazing battle of the sexes – or joining of forces (you never know) with full interaction with all viewers!!

Make sure you are following the She Lifts Podcast FB page to stay up to date with all new content!!

Don’t be weird and miss this!!

Love & Light, Fam!

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